Martin78 releases Yamaha TG500 / SY85 sample pack


Martin78 has announced the release of a free Yamaha TG500/SY85 drum and fx sample library.

Martin78 Yamaha TG500/SY85The 1992 Yamaha TG500 is the rack version of the SY85 workstation.

Free 48khz 16bit sample pack of ALL drum and fx waveforms. Waveforms – it means, no internal effects were used, no layers. Pure samples looped as originals. Every waveform recorded few times in different pitch.

Recorded thru Akai s5000 sampler, then DC adjusted, normalized, denoised, trimed and looped on Windows.

The sample pack is a free download.

More information: Martin78

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McAfee site adviser has a ***RED WARNING*** for every link on this page! Think I’ll pass!


I think the site was attacked a while ago, maybe McAfee hasn’t updated its status yet. The page is safe according to Norton’s online tool

The direct download is at


And he violated the copyright on those samples, of course. I don’t think this can be classified as fair use.