Martinic has announced the release of an alpha version of the Kee Bass virtual instrument in the CLAP audio plugin format.

As we strive to stay current with emerging technologies, we’ve begun experimenting with the new CLAP (Clever Audio Plugin-in) audio plugin format!

We’ve just released an early-alpha version of our popular free Kee Bass plugin. Currently no active testing/reporting is required, since the CLAP version of the Kee Bass will most likely not enter into Beta phase until sometime in 2023.

CLAP is still in early stages of development, and as such major DAW Developers are still working on integrating the new plugin format. At the moment, You can test CLAP with BitWig Studio, MultitrackStudio, and a REAPER pre-release.

You can download the Alpha version of the Kee Bass plugin from the Martinic website.