Martinic has announced the launch of its 2024 Valentine’s Day Sale, offering 33% off storewide for a few days only.

For those looking for a romantic soundtrack on Valentine’s Day, we have the plugins to create it. We wanted to share some musical love with you, so we’re offering 33% off on all our plugins for a limited time!

In addition to our special offer, we have an exciting announcement to make! On Friday, the talented Just Joe will be releasing his new song “Square Hammer,” featuring exquisite piano melodies, AXFX on vocals for reverb, delay, chorus, EQ, and five AX73 Synth presets. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss this release.

The sale includes the Elka Panther virtual classic Italian combo organ, AX73 powerful ’80s synthesizer, AX Chorus, Colorsound Tremolo, and more.

More information: Martinic