MARVIN PAVILION has released Tromine, Synthestra and a number of other freeware VST instruments for Windows PC.

Tromine is a Virtual Analog Drum Machine featuring:

  • Kick (Tune, Decay)
  • Snare (Tune, Decay, Snare)
  • Lo-Tom, Hi-Tom (Tune, Decay, Noise)
  • Hi-hat, Crash (Tune, Decay)
  • Hand Clap (Tune, Decay)
  • Stereo Limiter (Threshold, Release)

Synthestra is a monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer featuring:

  • 1 Oscillator (Saw, Pulse (PWM)) + Sub Oscillator (Pulse, Square)
  • LPF (Envelope, LFO, Key Follow)
  • VCA (ADSR, Boost, Volume)

Tromine and Synthestra are created with SynthEdit.

Visit MARVIN PAVILION for more information and links to download these and other freeware VST plug-ins.