has released a soundset featuring 15 free power patches for Native Instruments Massive by Payam Tavakoli.

MassiveSynth 15 free patches by Payam Tavakoli

One of our very generous community members has taken the time to put together a very nice set of sounds for all of to download absolutely free!

Payam Tavakoli has really outdone himself with this nice collection of very polished presets for NI Massive. You can get some great use out of these no matter what genre of music your focus on, but as you can hear in the SoundCloud player here there is a nice range of instruments for popular dance styles as they are, without any tweaking. Nice leads, driving bass and sweet pads make up the bulk of this set, and we hope you enjoy putting them to good use as much as we have!

The soundset is a free download at

More information: MassiveSynth