Plugin Boutique has launched a limited time sale on the EQ Excellence Bundle by Mastering The Mix, offering a 70% discount on the MIXROOM and BASSROOM plugins for the next few days.

Getting the tonal balance right in your mix or master is a huge challenge, whether you have acoustic treatment and pro monitors or not. BASSROOM and MIXROOM analyse your production and show you the EQ settings needed to get a powerful and well-balanced sound. Load up BASSROOM and MIXROOM on your master channel before your limiter. Select a preset or import your own reference track. Match the bands to the EQ target suggestions, then tweak to suit your preference.

The preset system is 100% unique to your music. It uses a revolutionary algorithm that is based on how the human ear perceives sonic energy, and it works REALLY well. Pristinely clean filters. Both BASSROOM and MIXROOM use optimised filters for each frequency range to give you ultra-clean mastering-grade EQ adjustments.

The bundle is available to purchase for only £29 GBP / $35 USD until April 18th, 2023.

More information: Mastering The Mix