Plugin Boutique has announced the launch of a Spring Sale on Mastering The Mix, offering discounts of up to 60% off on its audio plugins and eBooks for a limited time.

The promotion includes popular products such as the Limiter smart mastering limiter, Levels mixing and metering audio plugin, Reference 2 mix referencing tool, RESO dynamic resonance suppressor, Expose 2 audio quality control application, and more.

The more recent FUSER smart unmasking plugin is priced £39 GBP / $48 USD during the promotion.

FUSER resolves conflicting channels by assisting you in adjusting volume balance, enhancing phase optimization, and implementing intelligent mid-side sidechain ducking With FUSER’s smart ‘Conflict Detection’ and groundbreaking ‘Resolve Conflicts’ feature, you’ll effortlessly find a great starting point to fix those audio clashes without overdoing it.

The offer is valid at Plugin Boutique and from the Mastering The Mix store through April 16th, 2024.