Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on the AE600 Active EQ, an active equalizer effect plugin featuring new and unique EQ modes, independent control of fixed and active EQ bands, and an ultra low latency algorithm.

Every fixed and active band in the AE600 has its own gain, frequency, Q, and mode controls. EQ mode options include parametric, proportional Q parametric, 5x Q parametric, Baxandall shelving EQ, vintage styled EQ, X-style shelving EQ, Baxandall shelving EQ plus filtering, and high and low pass filtering. All bands are completely overlapping and can use the input signal or selected side chain inputs to trigger the active EQ response. The active EQ bands can be controlled via the response plot itself, or from the text readouts above and below the response plot.

The AE600’s active EQ response is determined by each band’s threshold, attack and release settings. Additionally, a ratio control determines input signal level sensitivity to further articulate how the active EQ will reach maximum active equalization – a feature unique to the AE600 (and AE400) active equalizers by McDSP.

Peak signal text readouts for each active EQ band’s key signal allow quick setup of each band’s active EQ threshold, and are located underneath band dynamics plots. Input and Output controls, individual band bypass, band control linking, and band key signal monitoring round out the features of the AE600.

AE600 features

  • Six fully overlapping fixed and active EQ bands.
  • Independent control over all fixed and active EQ parameters per band.
  • Selectable EQ mode per fixed and active bands.
  • Unique active EQ ratio response control.
  • Side chain support.
  • Double precision processing.
  • Ultra low latency.
  • Mono and stereo versions.

AE600 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is on sale for only £36 GBP / 41 EUR until April 24th, 2018. The HD version is also 70% off during the sale.

More information: McDSP