McDSP has announced that the Project Studio bundle of plug-ins is currently on sale for $39 USD.

Project Studio is the most comprehensive LE plug-in bundle ever, featuring award winning equalizers, filters, and compressors, plus a convolution reverb, mastering limiter, and analog tape machine simulator.

Five outstanding McDSP plug-ins. One unbeatable bundle. The perfect addition to any Pro Tools system.
Project Studio includes:

  • Analog Channel LE (AC2 – Analog Tape Saturation)
  • CompressorBank LE (CB4 – Modeled Compressors)
  • FilterBank LE (F1, E4, P4 – Flexible EQ and Filtering)
  • ML4000 LE (ML1 – Mastering Limiter)
  • Revolver LE (Basic Convolution Reverb and Impulse Response Library)

The Project Studio bundle is available for Windows and Mac in RTAS format. The sale ends December 31st, 2012.

More information: McDSP