MEESHA releases collection of free VST plug-ins

MEESHA plug-ins

MEESHA has released a collection of 6 freeware VST plug-ins (Windows PC) created with SynthEdit.

MEESHA VST plug-ins

  • orion-1 – 2 oscillator, polyphonic analog synthesizer.
  • gemini-1 – 2 oscillator, monophonic analog synthesizer with 8 note step-sequencer.
  • atlas – Analog drum module with 7 sounds.
  • apollo – 16 step, dual channel step sequencer / arpeggiator with MIDI output.
  • scorpius – 3 oscillator, polyphonic analog synthesizer.
  • sweeper – Filter sweep effect with “Psychedelic” mode.

Visit MEESHA for more information and links to download these freeware plug-ins.

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