Meldaproduction has announced the release of DreamMachines, a 6-voice retro drum sampler in which each drum channel can combine 2 samples to get a perfect kick, snare, hat, clap, tom and percussion.

Each channel has a dedicated FX section that can be combined with global reverb and delay effects and a master section.

DreamMachines is a huge collection of drum machine samples for MDrummer as well as a Premium instrument for MSoundFactory. DreamMachines takes the samples to the next level with convenient mixing, layering and virtual analogue processing.

The instrument looks, sounds and feels like using a real drum machine, providing visual feedback and quick access to great drum sounds and a plethora of sound design options. It features six drum voices that are processed and mixed to a stereo output or can be routed individually to six tracks in your DAW using MSoundFactory6out.

Available for the free MSoundFactoryPlayer, the expansion is on sale for the intro price of 19 EUR (regular 69 EUR) at the Meldaproduction store and from Plugin Boutique. It is free to owners of MSoundFactory and MSoundFactoryLE, which are both on sale at 50% off for a limited time.