MeldaProduction has announced the release of MDrummer 4, an update to its advanced virtual drum studio for Windows.

After months of work MDrummer 4 is finally here with completely new data library, lots of new features, reorganized user interface, major optimizations…

Changes in MDrummer 4

  • New sample & subsample library, MTotalPercussion 1 multisample set and a huge collection of drumsets – MDrummer now contains 7GB data library (loselessly compressed from about 40GB). Besides the standard set available in previous versions, it now contains set of electronic drums samples, subsample libraries and a multisampled MTotalPercussion 1. All drumsets have been recreated for better audio quality, less CPU consumption and better compatibility with each other. MDrummer now contains almost 3000 drumsets and components.
  • New set of rhythms, base rhythms and grooves – MDrummer’s rhythm system has been modernized as well, with about 400 rhythms from pop to drum’n’bass to percussion rhythms, 200 base rhythms for generating your own styles, 100 background percussion rhythms and 400 grooves.
  • GUI completely reorganized – MDrummer is now much easier to use and the workflow is much quicker, despite many new features have been added.
  • Added drum pad mode for simple normal-drum-machine-like behaviour. This also includes multi-sample drag & drop into pads or inside drumset editor, MDrummer automatically manages multiple layers.
  • New drumset generator algorithm – MDrummer can now generate drumsets from the thousands of included components and it can also literally generate new components, additional effect layers and even effect chains for each drum.
  • Added loop generator – loop editor now provides generate function, which can literally generate new loops a directory of existing ones. Great for creating new grooves.
  • Added MFreqShifter, MFreeformAnalogEq and MModernCompressor.
  • Lots more.

MDrummer Large for Windows (VST/Standalone) is available to purchase for 149 EUR. The MDrummer Small version can be downloaded at no cost.

More information: MeldaProduction