Mellisonic has released Polyphylla, an additive synthesizer instrument for Ableton Live and Max/MSP.

Mellisonic Polyphylla

Polyphylla utilizes a unique approach to sound generation which is normally hard to achieve with digital synthesizers. By employing mathematical models which are based on shapes and phenomena in nature, it is easy to bring sounds to life and create many unique subtleties that change organically over time.

The interface is engaging and uncomplicated, thanks to its visual approach to sound manipulation. It allows users to draw a simple shape which then controls a huge set of parameters simultaneously. This innovative approach has multiple benefits: it makes additive synthesis no longer clumsy and laborious, it excels as an educational tool and it stimulates the imagination.

Polyphylla excels at evocative ambiences, moving pads, rich textures and experimental noises – although it’s also perfectly capable of generating rich basses and punchy leads.

Polyphylla is available for purchase from Ableton for 39 EUR.

More information: Mellisonic / Polyphylla