MellowMuse CP2V Vintage Compressor

MellowMuse has released updates for its effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Changes in ATA (v1.5) / EQ1A (v1.6) / CP1A (v1.6) / IR1A (v2.2) / Mellowhead (v2.2) / CP2V (v1.1)

  • Fixed bug affecting locking of audio tracks. [ATA]
  • Multi-threading optimisation. [ATA]
  • Improved metering ballistics. [CP1A/CP2V]
  • GUI refinements. [CP1A/CP2V/EQ1A/IR1A]
  • Removed MSVC9 runtime dependency. [ALL]
  • Added bypass button. [CP2V]
  • Fixed backwards compatibility with 1.4. [EQ1A]
  • Fixed 24bit file import bug all platforms. [IR1A/Mellowhead]

More information: MellowMuse