Mercuriall Audio has announced the release of its next-gen VST/AU/AAX/standalone amp modeling platform and host of its current and future products.

Ampbox is also a major release for Reaxis and U530, which, along with other improvements, have received a poweramp that breathes new life into the trusty preamps. First in Mercuriall Audio’s product line, Ampbox receives native support for Apple M1 chips. Additionally, U530 modeling technology was updated with the latest Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v1.5 version.

All existing owners of Euphoria/Reaxis/U530 will get the corresponding Ampbox update for free with Meruriall’s new, simplified product activation system.

Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v1.5

Ampbox is powered by an advanced amp modeling engine. Unlike many other solutions which rely on wave-shaping, EQ-matching or black box signal capturing to simplify and speed up development, Mercuriall Audio does not cut corners. Neural Hybrid Engine is built on White Box modeling, where each amp and preamp is recreated in its entirety, component by component, keeping the tone, feel and response of the hardware. Combined with Neural Networks, the result is a living and breathing software that reacts to the amp controls’ changes in the most natural way.

Powerful simplicity

Ampbox is a self-sufficient platform for creating perfect guitar tones with just a single plugin. Everything you need is one or two clicks away. It has a beautiful, clean and simple user interface, which can be immediately understood by a person at any level of plugin usage experience.

Over a dozen free modules

Ampbox comes free with a purchase of supported amps or preamps. The platform includes such free modules as gate, overdrive and distortion pedals, EQs, 2D cab section, IR loader, spatial effects, tuner, just to name a few.

Growing amp and preamp list

The first release of Ampbox will offer three amps/preamps for purchase:

  • Euphoria (amp based on Bogner Ecstasy 101B).
  • Reaxis (preamp based on MESA/Boogie Triaxis).
  • U530 (preamp based on Engl E530).

More amps and preamps will be offered in the future, all within one simple and powerful platform. Returning customers will be able to take advantage of permanent discounts. Ampbox was built with an idea of continuous improvement. With time, the platform will grow to become even more powerful, advanced and feature-rich. Various quality-of-life releases will continuously keep Ampbox fresh and updated.

Ampbox comes free with a purchase of supported amps or preamps:

  • Any Ampbox amp (full head): $89.99 USD ($69.99 USD for returning customers).
  • Any Ampbox preamp: $59.99 USD ($49.99 USD for returning customers).

New users can purchase Euphoria/Reaxis/U530 at the same price as returning customers until November 13th, 2021.

More information: Mercuriall Audio