U&I Software has recently relaunched its sound design and music production software for Mac. Recreated from scratch for the AppKit application platform, MetaSynth CTX is now back with support for Catalina and Big Sur.

Want to create sound visually? MetaSynth uses a collection of processing and arranging tools for manipulating sound, sequencing music, and composing songs or soundtracks.

New in MetaSynth CTX 1.2

  • Effect Room:
    • Automatic file management with a given project.
    • The entire state of the effects room is now auto-saved for any given project.
  • Image Synth:
    • 16 Bit Image Support – increases low amplitude representation, subtlety in re-synthesis, and improved analysis fidelity.
    • Four new choices of color/luminosity display.
    • Additional custom tuning and scales.
  • Image Filter:
    • 16 Bit image support to increase low amplitude representation, subtlety in re-synthesis, and improved analysis fidelity.
    • Four choices of color/luminosity display.
    • More custom tuning and scales.
  • Spectrum Synth:
    • Now has no length limits.
    • Two additional stereo-graphic representations.
  • Sequencer:
    • Now has no length limits.
    • Seamless dynamic selection playback looping.
  • Montage:
    • Improved project folder management workflow for files and sub-folders.
  • General:
    • Rebuilt for Cocoa MacOS+iOS (Catalina and Big Sur) also backward compatible to MacOS X 10.10.
    • 5 User Interface Themes: Blue Steel, Classic, Dark Noise, Shaded, Shaded Metal and Paper Blueprint.
    • Live resizable of main window and dialogs, generalized vector graphics for envelopes and wave-tables.
    • Consolidation and extension of shortcuts and tool-tips.
    • Multi-threading for all image manipulation tools/processes which gives an 8 to 16 times increase in pixel-graphics speed.
    • Supports filenames up to 64 characters (Legacy MetaSynth had a 32 character limit).
    • New online documentation in 11 languages, Getting Started eLearning, training videos, and artist interviews.

Priced $299 USD, MetaSynth for Mac is available for purchase at U&I Software.