MHC Electronic Kits

MHC Synthesizers and Effects has added Electronic Kits to the Drum Plugin Bundle, a collection of 3 plugins and 9 soundpacks.

With these three drum plugins you’ll get access to thousands of drum sounds, 3072 presets and hundreds of kits, plus a search application.

Drum Plugins Bundle features

  • Three drum plug-ins with synth functions, such as filters, envelopes, effects etc.
  • 360 kits, thousands of samples and 3000+ presets.
  • Ordinary .wav files which you may use in your sampler.
  • A drum search application.

The Drum Plugins Bundle is available for Windows/VST (Mac OS X version is in the works), and costs $199 USD. A demo of one of these drum plugins (Ambient Kits) is available for download.

Visit MHC for more information and audio demos.