dmu sine v1.97

Michael Benjamin Voigt has released version 1.97 of dmu sine, a synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in dmu sine v1.97

  • removed tremolo (replaced with new pitch sweep).
  • added pitch start +/- 2 octaves.
  • added pitch sweep time from pitch start to note (also sets portatime for mono).
  • increased max sweep time/portamento.
  • added random pitch control, small values are unquantized, values>0.2 are quantized to selected tuningscale.
  • added microtuning 109 – Custom Just Scale with small interface.
  • increased midcut range.
  • changed inverted linear key2pan (knob<0.5) to random key2pan.
  • envelope tweaks.
  • final gain tweaks, more subtle distortion.
  • fixed an uncomfortable volume spike on some mono legato play with high frequency jumps, pitch is now consistently scaled to volume.

dmu sine is available as a VST instrument for Windows. It requires no installation and is time unlimited, fully functional, nag-free donationware.

Visit asinus aureus for more information.