Michael Bietenholz has released Saurus, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Here’s a complex, analogue resonant-filter sound for you. It consists of four separate layers, the two main providing a nice stereo sound with just enough detuning to make it fat, a separate sine-layer to make sure that the bass-oomph is always there, and a unique “buzz” layer, which is occasionally triggered to provide just a bit of rattle and buzz, so each note is a bit different.

There’s a Kontakt script which implements a legato mode, much like most analog synths, where legato notes play without retriggering the sample or the filter envelope. A button controls whether its polyphonic or in legato mode, both modes can be heard on the demo. The mod-wheel is routed to the filter cutoff, and the Kontakt interface has knobs to allow other fiddlings, because this is a fiddling sort of sound! (compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher)

Saurus is available to purchase from Samplism for £3 GBP.

Visit Michael Bietenholz for more information.