Michael Ourednik has released Argotlunar 2, a realtime delay-line granulator plug-in for Windows.

It breaks up an incoming audio stream into short samples (Grains). Each grain can have random settings of amplitude, panning, duration, delay, pitch, glissando, filter and envelope. The output of all grains is mixed and sent to the main output. The main output can be fed back into the main input.

Argotlunar 2

Argotlunar 2

Changes in Argotlunar 2

  • Completely rewritten. Uses approximately 30% less CPU.
  • “Correlation Matrix”.
  • Time and pitch quanitization.
  • Comb filter.
  • Freeze delay buffer.
  • Glissando now works correctly.
  • Raised-Cosine-Bell and Triangle envelopes, with adjustable shape.

Argotlunar 2 is available to download as free (GPLv2) VST effect plug-in for Windows and Linux. The source code (C++) is available as well.

More information: Argotlunar