Michel Rouzic has released Photosounder, a one-of-a-kind image-sound editing program.

It is unique in that it opens images and sounds indiscriminately, treats and processes them as images, and synthesizes them as sounds. Sounds, once turned into images, can be powerfully modified to achieve effects and results that couldn’t be obtained in any other way, while images of all sorts reveal the infinite kinds of otherworldly sounds they contain. Ultimately, knowing how sounds look and how images sound, you’ll be able to create images that sound like what you want to hear, or like what you couldn’t imagine to hear.

Photosounder features

  • Loads nearly all image formats
  • Loads OGG and WAV sounds
  • Can save the resulting sound into a WAV file
  • Analyses sounds into images for processing
  • Features spray tools to edit the image-sound by hand
  • Can adjust the frequency range, frequency scale, tempo (playback rate),
  • Can rotate and flip the image-sound

Photosounder is available for Windows PC (Mac OS and Linux versions coming soon) for 99 EUR. A demo version is available, with the ability to save the resulting sound to file disabled, and a small noise inserted every 3 seconds.

Visit the Photosounder website for more information and some audio & video demos.