Miclop has announced the release of a HALion powered instrument. Mother Source features the sampled sounds from some of the most highly rated analog and virtual synthesizers.

Miclop Mother Source

The sources have been carefully created to cover a wide sound spectrum, from classic Saw or Sine sounds to elaborate and complex sounds.

The Mother source concept is based on the exchange of Sources on the included presets, these sources are designed to generate a new sound on the same preset.

Imagine that we have a bass preset with a short Decay and a devastating distortion. Now, just by changing the source, we will obtain a new sound that, maybe, we like more or that maybe it adapts better to what we are looking for, so a single bass preset generates more than 130 different basses in a blink of an eye.

Mother Source features

  • 130 sources covering a wide range of sounds, classified in different categories for quick access.
  • 200+ presets can generate different sounds by simply switching sources.
  • Two layers equipped with unison, vibrato, equalizer, distortion, and a chord generator.
  • All send to modulations and effects are independent for each layer.
  • Modulation options include 6 Envelopes, 1 LFO and 1 step modulator.
  • Arpeggiator/sequencer module with extensive features.

Mother Source for HALion, HALion Sonic and the free HALion Sonic SE is available for the intro price of 49 EUR for a limited time (regular 69 EUR).

An LT version without any restrictions is available to download. It comes with fewer presets and sources than the full version.

More information: Miclop