MIDI Designer has launched a MIDI Designer Pro 2 control surface for the recently released UNO Synth analog monophonic synthesizer by IK Multimedia.

MIDI Designer UNO Synth control surface

Get full access to the IKM UNO Synth synthesizer engine by using an iPad!

IKM states that a UNO synth editor will be available for PC and Mac, however no word about an iOS version … so I made a MIDI editor myself using MIDI Designer PRO 2. This way hidden features in UNO can now be accessed like a SWING setting for the Sequencer, LFO modulation for Oscillator 1 & 2. There’s even full ADSR envelopes available for both the Amp and Filter etc.

The template by haQ attaQ is available as a free download. It was made for the iPad version of MIDI Designer Pro 2, which sells at the App Store for $24.99 USD.

More information: MIDI Designer