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Mildon Studios releases Mildon Strummer 3

Mildon Studios Mildon Strummer 3

Mildon Studios has released Mildon Strummer 3, an updated version of the virtual guitar instrument for Windows.

Mildon Strummer 3 is an innovative VST plugin that gives you the ability to create guitar rhythms using samples, soundfonts, and virtual instruments. It is built to strum anything that you can connect to it, making it a very useful tool for digital musicians and producers.

Changes in Mildon Strummer 3

  • New strumming engine built in C++
  • Full-range inversion-aware strumming.
  • Improved MIDI-Strum feature – works with almost any VSTi (compatible host required).
  • Play both strumming and solo plucking.
  • Hybrid Chord Detection – switches to Freestyle mode if it can’t detect any chord.
  • Sound Enhancers: Slap, Body Tap, Fret Noises.
  • Simplified Graphic User Interface.

Mildon Strummer 3 for Windows is available for $49 USD.

More information: Mildon Studios / Mildon Strummer 3

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