Mildon Studios has released Vocal Spread, a free effect plug-in for enhancing stereo spread.

It’s a simple plug, but it can be very useful if you have a busy mix with a lot of bass and low-end rumble, or if you want your vocals to stand out off the bat, or if you want to lighten and brighten a dull or dark vocals. It’s great for group vocals, choir, back-up vocals, and lead vocals.

t spreads out the signal across the stereo track, which can help the vocals stir clear of the muddy areas (like bass and kick in the middle) while keeping the vocals bright and centered. I’ve added a ‘body’ control which works the same way as in HUE-X in case you want the sound to be more upfront, since spreading may cause it to sound lighter (e.g. for the main vocals).

This plugin is not limited to vocals, although it was designed for vocals. It could sound nice with acoustic instruments, just try it out.

Vocal Spread is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.