Modalics has announced the release of a multi-layered, highly detailed sampled drum kit. MINDst Drums comes with loaded with new sampler engine specifically designed to deliver Modalics’ innovative sampling methodology.

The secret to the samplers unique feel starts with research, Modalics got together with long-time musical collaborator and drum guru Doron Giat and set out to explore the nuances and micro-details that create a truly heartfelt, groove- filled drum performance. The research resulted in extensive sampling and algorithm design, destined to recreate the emotion and depth that Doron puts into every drum and cymbal hit.

Modalics founders Eyal Amir & Or Lubianiker:

“MINDst is an acronym for Mechanically Inspired, Natural Dynamics, Sampling Technology- its a natural continuation of our journey with Modalics. Before forming Modalics, we made our impact in the world of plug-ins with our uniquely musical approach to sampler design, we feel like we’ve been gearing up for this release for years… MINDst Drums is just the first in what we hope is a series of highly intelligent, authentic sounding virtual instruments, all of which will utilize the MINDst engine we developed”.

MINDst Drums features

  • Groove, feel & attitude: A drum sampler focused on delivering the nuanced world of micro-details that create a truly heartfelt, groove-filled drum performance.
  • Massive sample base: 50,000 samples, incredible depth and diversity in every drum & cymbal.
  • Design your ultimate drummer: Choose where to hit the snare, how to play the hi hat and experience a wealth of velocities and articulations.
  • Not just one kit, THE ONE KIT: Modalics sampled a one-of-a- kind DW custom kit, coupled with Doron Giat’s custom cymbal series – finely tuned, masterfully crafted instruments.
  • Mixing made easy: Robust drum mixer with built-in reverbs and effects, focused on simplicity and effectiveness.

MINDst for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is available for a limited time intro price of $99 USD (regular MSRP $149 USD).

More information: Modalics