Sonokinetic recently launched with some new production tools for composers and sound designers.

The two guys behind Sonokinetic are Dutch sound designers and composers Son Thomsen & Rob Vandenberg.

On their website they write:

Our goal is to create high quality and very affordable sample and sound libraries for music and sounddesign productions. Using the best instruments, acoustics and technology and hiring top-notch musicians for performances we try to deliver very specific product packages.

With our first product line we aim for a large group of composers and sounddesigners who are looking for non-legal binding and license free sample libraries or the biggest creative freedom out there. Our philosophy is simple. Fast and low-priced accessible sample kits for quick scoring and building powerful tracks for your productions.

I had a quick go with two of their sample libraries.

Felt Force One

Felt Force One is an orchestral percussive scoring sample library, featuring live recording sessions of a six person ensemble. The collection consists of both loops and single shot samples and comes with some Kontakt instruments.

Sonokinetic Felt Force One

The samples are grouped in 11 construction kits, and 4 single shot kits. Each construction kit includes various loops (multiple bars each + end hits), allowing for easy construction of tracks.

The tempos vary per kit (between 100-170bpm) and there is some good variety in themes. The single shot kits feature samples of shouting men, metallic hits (including cymbals), some big drum hits, and more.

Also included is a Space Designer impulse response file of what I guess is the place where Felt Force One was recorded, the Conservatory of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Felt Force One Demo
Demo mp3 by Sonokinetic (solo percussion)

Sonokinetic Q's - Designed Sound

“Q’s” – Designed Sound

“Q’s” – Designed Sound is a library of sound cues, primary designed for video & audio promos and trailers.

Cues for editorial sound design in movies, games, trailers, promo’s and teasers or just to spice up your composition and give it the extra it needs.

This library includes a little over 100 sound fx samples in 24bit/44KHz, and also includes some Kontakt instruments.

About half the samples are complete designed sounds of 5 to 15 seconds, and the other half are single elements like blasts, glitches, swooshes, hits, etc.

Q’s Designed Sound Demo
Demo mp3 by Sonokinetic

So what do I think?

Felt Force One is a lovely collection of samples for percussion tracks. The sound is unique, generally well recorded (although a bit far away perhaps) and performed, and the loops work very well within each kit, and often even across kits. I like the single hits a lot as well, especially the “Men in Battle” shouts.

Q’s kind of blew me away. Many unique, quality samples, ready to energize your productions. Great for game soundtracks or cinematic work.

Although these libraries come with Kontakt instruments, you really don’t need Kontakt. There are no velocity layers, no round robin, no KSP… Just a collection of .wav files within a theme mapped across the keyboard.

The themes/kits are already grouped in folders (Felt Force One), and filenames are well tagged (e.g. Q’sElements80DesignedSoundSwoosh1.wav) so you can use them in any sampler or audio workstation you like.

Although initially priced lower (underpriced perhaps), these titles are still very affordable at 24.90 EUR for Felt Force One and 19.90 EUR for Q’s Designer Sound. More sound examples are available from the website, definitely worth checking out!

More information: Sonokinetic