Minimal System Instruments Ultimate 909 Snares

Minimal System Instruments has introduced Ultimate 909 Snares, a sample pack featuring a collection of 30 snare sounds from the Roland TR-909 drum machine.

This sample pack from Minimal System Instruments concentrates purely on that distinctive and still relevant 909 snare sound.

We have recorded 30 individual snare drum hits from our studio TR-909 and processed them through our high end outboard analogue signal chain to retain all of the clarity and characteristics of the original machine.

Ultimate 909 Snares features

  • 30 individual TR-909 snare drum hits.
  • All recorded through high end analogue outboard processors.
  • A broad range of parameter settings on the TR-909 have resulted in a good range of snare sounds.
  • All samples are .wav files ready to drop straight into your software or hardware sampler or DAW.

The sample pack costs £1.99 GBP.

More information: Minimal System Instruments