Triple Spiral Audio has announced that Canadian sound designer Jonathan Bougie-Lauzon has joined Triple Spiral Audio’s store with his label Mistral Unizion.

Three sound libraries are now available, including the Spice soundset for Pigments 3, a brand new collection of 100 presets inspired by the Oscar-winning soundtrack of Dune.

It has many textural pads with ominous sounds and some aggressive basses and lots of fast action sequences. It is aimed at cinematic music scoring for action, sci-fi or even horror movies. It even has some Trance influences for electronic music. It will add lots of dark mood and energy to your compositions!

Also available are:

  • Mistral Intensity: 128 presets for Omnisphere 2 aimed toward intense sounds, with some grit and character. They can be dark, electric, eerie or beautiful, but are all intense in lots of ways. Great for hybrid cinematic scoring, Sci-Fi and electronic music.
  • Space Radiations: 107 presets for Diva aimed at galactic Sci-Fi and Trance sounds, with some lush, aggressive and gritty sounds, inspired by movies like Dune and Blade runner.

All three sound libraries are on sale at introduction prices until April 25th, 2022.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio