Mididope has announced the release of an inspiring live sequencing Max for Live device for Ableton Live.

Mixmux Duo contains two “agile” sequencers, which create diverse, lively and dynamically controllable variations out of the played MIDI notes. The particularly handy control concept is suitable for playing MIDI instruments both live on stage and in the studio.

MIXMUX Duo Live View

Mixmux Duo rhythmicizes notes and chords received via MIDI into MIDI sequences. By combining the functionality of an arpeggiator with the programmability of a step sequencer, the device creates an “agile sequencing” that offers more than the two original methods. Incoming MIDI notes are held and output according to the sequencer settings. The parameters of the sequencer, such as velocity or note length, can be changed dynamically.

MIXMUX Duo is based on the structure of a DJ setup and can be comprehensively controlled using only three parameters (Main A, B and Crossfader). This gives you immediate access to its musical possibilities and allows you to control the output, for example, using MIDI faders, Ableton Push, motion tracking, joysticks, etc.

MIXMUX Duo features

  • A cunning combination of arpeggiators and step sequencers.
  • Creates dynamically controllable sequences from received MIDI notes.
  • Variations can be comprehensively controlled using only three parameters.
  • Enables inspiring live sequencing for stage or studio.
  • Comes with the chord generator KEYDOPE Lite, which allows the input of chords without musical knowledge.

Regularly priced 49 EUR, MIXMUX Duo is available at the intro price of 24 EUR until November 8th, 2020. It requires Ableton Live version 9.7 or higher and Max for Live (included in Live Suite). The Live Pack for the device includes examples as Live Sets and Instrument Racks.

More information: Mididope