Mixnotes has announced Mix Sessions: Indie Acoustic, a tutorial course by platinum mixer Jonathan Roye, who shows you how to mix an indie acoustic song from start to finish.

This 90 Minute Tutorial Will Change How You Mix

No frills. Just step by step instructions for mixing hit songs.

Mix Sessions: Indie Acoustic features

  • Go beyond the basics – Mentor-style mix walkthroughs from a pro mixer.
  • Mix prep formula – Learn proper gain staging, how to effectively set up your mix, and mastering prep.
  • Advance de-essing – Learn how to use de-essers to shape sounds (other than vocals).
  • Get bigger clients – Learn the skills to make your mixes sound more competitive in today’s music industry.
  • Develop your sound – Learn how to mix with confidence, direction, and purpose.
  • Mix transformations – Learn how to make smaller arrangements sound larger than life.
  • Space techniques – Learn how to create space and depth with useful reverb and delay tricks.
  • Be automated – Unsure about how to correctly use automation? We’ll show you tips and tricks to add excitement and energy to your mix.
  • Organic + electronic – Learn how to effortlessly mix organic elements with electronic elements for a modern mix.
  • Interesting arrangements – Learn how to mix vocals, drums, bass, pads, Wurlitzer piano, saxophone, loops, and more.

The Indie Acoustic course is available for purchase for $37 USD or $47 USD with bonus multi-tracks, preset screenshots, and 40% off drum samples from Make Pop Music.