Past To Future has announced the release of the MKS-20 Electric Grand Piano for Kontakt.

One of the best sounding electric grand piano sound from the legendary piano module!

With our unique scripting, it became even better!

The Kontakt instrument features 2 velocity level (all keys sampled), round robins, and a mix-ready sound recorded with BAE 73 Preamps and EQ.

Wrapped in an easy to use interface, the instrument includes a mixable Lexicon 200 impulse response and release samples. For users without Kontakt, Wav files (24-Bit/48 kHz) are provided for use in your DAW or other software.

MKS-20 Electric Grand Piano costs $1 USD. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher.

EMPATHY Effects Pack for Ableton Live

PerforModule has launched an effect rack pack for Ableton Live 10 Suite developed by Animus Invidious.

EMPATHY is a robust toolkit for general mixing and mastering, containing high-end effect racks for improving a wide range of audio sources.

Each rack has a particular purpose, with easy-to-dial-in controls.

  • Ultimatum: “The ultimate” audio effect rack designed by PerforModule, it’s a 10-step algorithm to improve both the tone and dynamics of any audio source in realtime. Enhance any audio source for more upfront clarity in a delicately nuanced, hyper- intelligent, semi-automatic fashion.
  • ‘The One’: One-stop shop for console-style adjustment of tracks in a mix. Features focused low & high cuts, “light shine” tone highlighter, surgical slice, L-R twist, and M vs S intensity.
  • Auditory Miximizer: The PerforModule take on the infamous and much-maligned “Sonic Maximizer”, with tastefully optimized frequency contours and dynamic reactivity. The term “Maximizer” is somewhat of a misnomer, since there’s no limiting or anything going on, so our version has instead been accorded the honorific “Miximizer”.
  • Dilation Warder: Combination gate and expander for when you want to increase the dynamic range, tighten things up, emphasize punch, and add more of a percussive, staccato feel.

The pack is available at Isotonik Studios, priced £24 GBP / 27.99 EUR / $30.99 USD.

Vintage Drum Machines for Roland MC​-​707

Following previous packs for the Roland TR​-​8S, Rhythm Electronics has returned with another collection of kits and patterns.

Rhythm Electronics Vintage Drum Kits for Roland MC 707

The collection contains sounds from the following drum machines: Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, E-mu Drumulator, Linn LinnDrum, Oberheim DX, Akai MPC60, Simmons SDSV, Pearl Syncussion, Ace Tone Rhythm, DSI Tempest, Linn 9000, Linn LM-1, Sequential Circuits Studio 440, Sequential Circuits Tom, Yamaha RX 11, Roland CR-8000, and E-mu Sp-12.

All the kits are based on samples meticulously recorded from mint state drum machines. Demo patterns are included with each kit.

Vintage Drum Machines for Roland MC​-​707 costs 25 EUR.