Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on MNTRA Instruments’ virtual instrument that is designed to give you an otherworldly portal into ultrasonic sound healing.

Atma contains sacred sound instruments obtained by MNTRA’s award winning founder and composer Brian D’Oliveira, during his many pilgrimages to holy sites around the world.

Ranging from ritual healing bells to pitched Aztec volcanic rocks, we creatively sampled these special instruments to explore the potential of our powerful Nonlinear Sound-Design Engine MNDALA 2. By capturing the rich textures of these ancient instruments with our leading-edge ultrasonic sampling process, we allow you to explore their complex harmonics with a depth and clarity that was previously impossible.

MNTRA’s team of expert sound designers have crafted a diverse array of presets that span arpeggiated bell clusters, evolving atmospheric pads, cinematic percussion, and much more, allowing for immediate inspiration right out of the box. Additionally, just under the hood of the intuitive interface, lies the potential to sculpt the sound into whatever you imagine and beyond. Whether you’re creating ambient soundscapes, pulsing electronica, avant-garde explorations, or massive cinematic swells, Atma will become an indispensable instrument in your toolkit.

Atma is available for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU), priced $49 USD until March 31st, 2024 (regular $99 USD).

More information: MNTRA Instruments