Modartt has announced the release of the Neupert Clavichord add-on for its Pianoteq virtual piano instrument.

Modartt Neupert Clavichord for Pianoteq

As a Christmas gift to all our customers, we hereby announce a Neupert Clavichord, based on a “Modell Philipp Emanuel Bach”.

The clavichord, invented in the early 14th Century, is a predecessor to the piano and to the more recent clavinet. It is a popular instrument for playing music from the Renaissance and Baroque period but can in fact also be heard in modern music such as in recordings by Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett, Tori Amos and The Beatles.

The Neupert Clavichord is a free download for Pianoteq users.

More information: Pianoteq / Neupert Clavichord