ModeAudio’s latest sample pack Redshift Cosmic Synth Loops is inspired by the pioneers of analog synthesis such as Laurie Spiegel, as well as the repetitive, interlacing approach of Minimalist composers such as Steve Reich.

We’ve been hard at work in our vintage synth lab, concocting this panoply of 150 minimalist sequences and bubbling analog synth tones, organised into 15 royalty-free kits of complementary loops.

From dancing, interlocking synth patterns and pad swells to earth-shaking subs and atmospheric chords, this mesmeric collection weaves all of its parts together to create distinct worlds of experimental yet warm, soothing electronic sound.

With Night Light Minimal Trap Loops, ModeAudio brings 339MB of royalty-free content, featuring atmospheric music loops, thundering drum samples and malleable MIDI patterns.

Float on the surface of a moonlit pool of spine-tingling sound, strange symbols in the dark clouds above you casting spells on the sleepy world below – step into a netherworld of mysterious synths and rattling beats with our latest release, Night Light – Minimal Trap Loops!

Other recent sample packs include the Plasma Granular Texture Samples 1.4GB collection of royalty-free samples with granular transformed pianos, guitars, synths and orchestral instrumentation, and Burst Drum Machine Samples collection with everything from massive kick drum samples and slapping claps, to chunky snares, scissoring hi hats, booming toms, shimmering shakers, plucky hand percussion and beyond.

Moon Dance Serum Ambient Presets comprises 50 royalty-free, interstellar patches for the Serum wavetable synthesizer by Xfer Records.

The packs are available from the ModeAudio store, starting from £14 GBP.