ModeAudio has introduced its latest sample pack Spring, a fresh batch of 230+ loops, tail samples and MIDI files geared towards New Age Ambient music production.

Birds call lazily from the trees as the stream carries you gently along its course, the warm water filling you with a deep sense of calm as you submit to the serenity of the moment – introducing our latest aural bath of a sound pack, the restorative Spring – New Age Ambient Loops! This 402MB collection of royalty-free music loops, MIDI files and synth tail samples brings together the deep synth pads and rustling textures of Ambient, with the soft instrumental melodies and acoustic layers of New Age to deliver a truly relaxing musical experience for your next track.

Also available is Microchip, a collection of 52 Synthwave presets for the free Vital software synthesizer by Vital Audio.

You flick a switch and current surges around circuit boards at faster than light-speed, reanimating dusty machines and engulfing the arcade in a blinding bath of neon light – welcome to the delightedly retro-futurist sound of our latest release, Microchip – Vital Synthwave Presets! We’ve taken the brand new Vital soft synth from Vital Audio on a trip down memory lane to conjure this set of gloriously woozy synth sounds, packing 52 royalty-free presets into one handy Vital Bank bursting with chunky, analog-era character and hypnotic aural nostalgia.

The packs are priced £14 GBP each. Other recent sound packs include Diffusion Ambient SFX Loops, Smoke Signal Live Trip Hop Drums, and Spook Dark Cinematic Loops.

More information: ModeAudio