ModeAudio has launched a Summer Sale, offering 30% off all its sample packs, soundsets, and field recording libraries.

ModeAudio Summer Sale

Want to supercharge your sound this summer? Then plunge yourself into the ModeAudio Summer Sale, bringing you an epic 30% off every last one of our inspiring, full-flavour, custom-crafted sound libraries now!

Choose from our complete set of 74 sound packs, ranging from vibrant analog synth leads, thundering drum samples, evolving, multi-layered SFX, explosive synth presets, intricate field recordings and so very much more.

All our sounds are crafted with care in our studio for seamless integration into your music – take full advantage of solid-gold production inspiration with the ModeAudio Summer Sale today!

The sale ends Sunday, July 19th, 2015.

More information: ModeAudio