ModeAudio has launched its latest sample pack Visions Ambient Techno Loops, a collection that blends rich, rustling textures, noise layers and deep Ambient soundbeds with pounding Techno beats, quaking basslines and glitteringly melodic synth riffs.

The headliner of the pack is a set of 200 tempo-synchronised music loops, split across 6 inviting folders of atmospheric, propulsive sound and ranging in tempo from a sedate 80 all the way up to a thundering 135 Bpm.

From thundering kick loops, cavernous bass and skittering, glitched-out percussion to haunting synth leads and dense, evocative textures, strap in for a cinematically-charged rollercoaster of sound that flits between serenity and menace in a heartbeat.

Taking you from the primetime into the small hours is a set of 20 show-stopping SFX samples, comprising a kinetic display of dexterous sound design that will smooth over your transitions and usher in new sections of your arrangement with style.

Completing the library is a folder of 50 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops, presenting you with the musical building blocks behind the bass and synth loops folders. Pair these with your favourite soft synths to build on and develop the included basslines and melodies.

The sample pack costs £18 GBP.

Other recent titles include:

  • Loose Breaks Drum Breaks, 202 thumping, royalty-free drum loops, carefully mixed, mastered and edited for maximum clarity and punch.
  • Celestial Orchestral Texture Loops, a deeply cinematic collection of 200 royalty-free drone and texture loops caught in the timeless embrace of the orchestra.
  • Wind Texture Loops, 60 royalty-free woodwind texture loops brimming with the subtle yet vibrant power of the orchestral wind section.

More information: ModeAudio