Mokafix Audio has released Kung Fuzz and NoAmp!, two effect plug-ins for Windows.

Mokafix Kung Fuzz

Kung Fuzz is a vintage transistor fuzz pedal emulation.

It features an original autobiasing algorithm that makes it react and sound like the famous Fuzzface® stompbox. Thanks to this technology Kung Fuzz can bias extremely at high input level while keeping lower input clean and loud, making it one of the most touch sensitive distortion effect available.

From smooth crunch to razor sharp distortion, Kung fuzz will add a warm grit to your tones and fit any style. Four basic tones are featured, giving various flavours of biasing and gain.

Kung Fuzz features

  • Original auto-biasing engine.
  • Fuzz and volume knobs.
  • 4 models.
  • Mono / stereo modes.
  • Midi learn on every parameter.

Kung Fuzz is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at 9 EUR.

Mokafix NoAmp!

NoAmp! is a freeware emulation of a famous analog amp and cab sim stompbox effect.

All stages have been emulated to provide the most authentic tone. All the original controls are featured, allowing 27 amp combinations with the 3 switches and 4 knobs to sculpt the sound.

No tedious tweaking, no complex routings, NoAmp! is aimed at instant plug & play fun.

NoAmp! features

  • 3 amp sims.
  • 3 “mods”.
  • 3 cab sims.
  • Mono / stereo modes.
  • Midi learn on every parameter.

NoAmp! is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Mokafix Audio / Kung Fuzz / NoAmp!