Mondo Loops has announced the release of a brand new sample pack titled Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1, a mellow collection that brings dreamy, relaxing lofi melody and soft drums and loops.

Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1 is a Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack that focuses on the soft, mellow, and relaxing side of lofi (Think Lofi Girl / ChilledCow / Chillhop).

It contains everything you need to make the dreamy lofi beats, including drum loops, one-shots, atmospheres, keys, guitar loops and more!

Dreamy Lofi Hip Hop Vol #1 features

  • 6 soft warm ambiance textures.
  • 4 ukulele and kalimba bonus loops.
  • 30 drum loops including 12 shaker loops, 13 hihat and brush loops, and 5 texture loops (foley).
  • 89 drum one shots including hihats, brushes, kicks, snares, foley, percussion, shakers and more.
  • 5 vocal drones.
  • 8 original layered guitar loops (with stems totaling 45 files).
  • 8 original piano loops (with stems totaling 39 files).

The sample pack is available for $20 USD from Mondo Loops and at ADSR Sounds.

A free version is available to download via Hypeddit. This includes 4 loops based on guitars, 4 loops based on piano, 2 atmospheric loops, 37 drum one-shots, 16 drum loops, and some bonus samples.

Furthermore, you can join Mondo Loops at Discord for a competition in which you can use the samples to make a track for a chance to win prizes such as an Akai MK3 Mini, SubmitHub credits, and more.