Loopmasters has introduced Monster Sounds’ new sample pack Old School Pianos, a collection of high-energy piano riffs that aims to bring you back to the halcyon days of rave and hardcore.

Old School Pianos helps you bring your retro house-influenced productions to life with 55 hyper-processed piano riffs perfectly evoking the spirit and sound of the late ’80s/early ’90s dance scene, some of them presented as ‘sparse’ and ‘busy’ versions of the same musical ideas. From epic breakdown progressions to spiky hand-to-hand workouts, every flavour of classic piano riff is covered, and with the loops ranging from four to 16 bars in length, and everyone including its key in the file name, integrating them into your projects is quick and easy.

And that’s not all! For extra depth and versatility, every piano loop is accompanied by synth and pad versions of the same riff, opening up all sorts of layering possibilities, as well as providing viable alternatives to the pianos in their own right. If house of any kind is your bag, Old School Pianos is nothing short of essential.

Priced £19.95 GBP, the sample pack includes 95 synth loops, 56 piano loops and 6 pad loops.

More information: Monster Sounds