Moog Music has announced that it is celebrating synthesizer pioneer and Moog founder Bob Moog’s 87th birthday.

Ileana Grams-Moog, Bob’s wife, shares a heartfelt message for her husband’s birthday.

“He wanted to make instruments that would enable musicians to express themselves musically in a way that was an extension of their own bodies, as easily and as fluidly as possible, that were a kind of transparent interface between the musician’s intentions and their expression…I once asked him whether he thought that he would ever run out of new ideas. He said, very simply, ‘No.’” -Ileana Grams-Moog

In honor of Bob’s birthday last Sunday, all Moog iOS apps are currently free to download and explore.

Discover the classic sounds and creative workflows of instruments like the iconic Minimoog Model D synthesizer and the expansive Model 15 modular system. These instruments, some of the most expressive musical tools that Bob invented in his lifetime, have been meticulously recreated in mobile form to introduce inspiring and fun new ways to experiment with sound.

More information: Moog Music