MorphTune Tech has released version 2.0 of MorphTune, a pitch manipulation application and VST plug-in for Windows.


MorphTune is not just a pitch correction tool. Besides pitch correction, it lets you creatively experiment and transform your tunes the way you want them.

MorphTune features

  • Detect notes in a wave/audio file.
  • Shift base pitch of notes.
  • Change amount of pitch modulation of notes.
  • Stretch notes in time.
  • Create vibrato over the existing sound.
  • Edit pitch freely using pencil tool over existing sound.
  • Change formants (which define the texture of voice) of notes – letting you change the depth, brightness of etc voice – even change the voice between male, female and child.
  • Change volume of notes.
  • Editing:
    • Copy-paste, delete notes.
    • Move notes in time.
    • Split and join notes.
  • Restrict your editing to scale and tuning of your choice using scale editor.
  • Auto-correct the whole audio.
  • Can save projects, so you don’t need to re-detect the pitch while opening the file next time.

MorphTune for Windows is available for purchase for the introductory price of $99 USD (regular $120 USD).

More information: MorphTune