MP MIDI has announced an upgrade of its flagship controller that consists of physical endless encoders and a touchscreen, offering unprecedented control and a totally new experience when interacting with plugins.tance.

The new Model 2A of MP Controller is an upgrade from the previous model 1A+.

It features a touch display of 500 nits, an upgraded enclosure design – a glass flat top, less height on the front for a steeper viewing angle when placed flat on desk, rack mounted ready with an optional rack mount kit, and an additional USB-C port for providing extra power when needed.

The Model 2A is expected to be shipping in less than 2 months worldwide (3 months in EU). Inventory is limited, and for more details and preorders you can contact MP MIDI.

Additionally, the MP Host plugin has been updated in May 2023 providing a friendlier to touch interface, and improvements to using the interface without the hardware controller (i.e. when on a laptop only) by displaying the plugins without the MP Controller windows.

MP Controller users can now also enjoy a more streamlined transparent workflow with an integrated version of the MP Host and Audiogridder, an open source project which enables DSP offloading.

Even when run on the same machine as the DAW, it offers better CPU distribution compared to running in the DAW. Users can utilize secondary Windows or another Mac machines to offload DSP and control the plugins hosted on the remote server machine with the MP Controller. The workflow is transparent and makes no difference than working natively in the DAW.

MP MIDI will demonstrate the MP Controller at Superbooth 23 in Berlin, May 11-13th, booth O250.

More information: MP MIDI