Plugin Boutique is offering 50% off on the MSpectralDynamics spectral mastering dynamics processor plugin for Windows and Mac.

It can do many things, but it’s main feature serves as an ultramodern hi-tech replacement for multiband compressors and loudness maximizers. With top-class features such as custom shape processing it can provide you with a varied and wide range of effects. Additionally, it provides you with a free-form linear-phase equalizer with a range from -80dB to 0dB, which you can use to fix specific issues in your recordings and mixes.

Multiband compressors are a very important tool required to balance the spectrum and maximize loudness. However multiband compressors are very clumsy, their effects are often too unnatural and it is very easy to completely destroy the audio material. MSpectralDynamics does not have any bands and works with the entire spectrum instead. It approximates energy located in each frequency and applies the dynamics to it separately. This algorithm is extremely complicated but provides state-of-the-art sound quality and features you could not even dream of before!

MSpectralDynamics is on sale for $110 USD / 100 EUR until October 10th, 2021 (regularly 199 EUR). It is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats.

More information: Meldaproduction