Multiton Bits has announced the release of its latest sample pack Dusty Acoustic Drums, a collection of vinyl sounding processed acoustic drums, edited to sound warm, fat and crispy and easily cut through the mix.

Multiton Bits Dusty Acoustic Drums

From meaty kicks to huge snares and warm hats, this selection can make your tracks sound much bigger. Our main inspiration for this pack are 80s & 90s Hip-Hop beats, so we recreated a drum set that gives homage to this golden era!

The pack includes:

  • 92 Original Royalty Free Sounds.
  • 51 WAV One-Shot.
  • 41 WAV Loop.
  • 1 NI Battery Kit.
  • 1 Ableton Live Set (51 One-Shot, 8 MIDI Loops).

Dusty Acoustic Drums costs $12 USD.

Also recently released is Organic Trapping, a collection of jazzy Hip-Hop and Trap beats.

Multiton Bits Organic Trapping

Organic Trapping offers fresh and unusual sounds of the softer side of Trap and Hip-Hop music.

Sometimes raw and sometimes jazzy, this pack was created using Physical modeling synthesis methods. Meaning, none of the sounds existed before but were rather created from the scratch, excluding 808 drums.

This way we can offer you some hybrid instruments that truly sound different! All sounds come from synths no matter how organic they sound.

Organic Trapping includes 107 one-shots and 43 loops. It is available for $17 USD.

More information: Multiton Bits