Multiton Bits has announced the Welcome Pack 2019, a freely downloadable sample pack featuring over 700 MB of premium quality royalty-free samples.

Multiton Bits 2019 Sampler

Welcome Pack contains 269 Wav files carefully selected from 17 Multiton Bits releases.

The pack can be downloaded for free of charge after subscription to a newsletter at

The pack includes samples from the following releases:

  • 80s Proto machines.
  • Akustika Elektronika Drums.
  • Atmospheres & Backgrounds.
  • Casio Groove.
  • Future Melodies.
  • FX Zukunft.
  • Glitchy Systems.
  • Golden Triton Sounds.
  • House Of Tools.
  • Indie Tronica.
  • Little Helpers.
  • Lo-Fi Drum Modules.
  • Nonsquare Techno.
  • Organic Electronix Box.
  • re-Kawai R-50e.
  • re-Yamaha RY30.
  • Sequences, Chords & Stabs.

To get the pack simply sign up for the Multiton Bits newsletter. The free download also includes a discount coupon that can be used to purchase any Multiton Bits pack.

More information: Multiton Bits