Bolder Sounds has announced the Music Maker V4 Programming Contest, a chance to win complimentary Bolder Sounds sample libraries.

Bolder Sounds Music Maker V4 Programming Contest

Create some Kontakt patches for a chance to win Bolder Sounds sample libraries in the Bolder Sounds Music Maker V4 Programming Contest.

Each contestant is required to submit a minimum of 3 PATCHES (.nki instruments) of the Music Maker V4 Kontakt instrument. The Music Maker is a free Bolder Sounds download located here –

The Music Maker V4.nki is your starting point (located in the Instruments folder). Within each instrument there are 11 different Preset menus – each with 6 preset slots. Do not confuse these Preset slots as instruments! One instrument (.nki) could potentially have 6 different Presets on the INSTRUMENT TAB as one example and 6 different Presets on the LFO TAB etc … You certainly do not need to fill up all 6 Presets if you do not wish to, how far you want to go with it is up to you.

Contest entries can be submitted until September 30th, 2012.

More information: Bolder Sounds