Music-Society has announced the release of CBW01, a free virtual drum machine instrument by Saltline.

Saltline CBW01

The CBW01 drum synthesizer instrument by Saltline.

CBW01 features 4 drum hit editors and 1 effects section. Each editor and the effect section has independent midi controls including, Midi Channel, Midi note Hi and Lo (key range) and 16 modulation slots (sources, pitch wheel, mod wheel, velocity and key follow). This allows for greater dynamics whilst playing. See the feature list below for each drum hit’s modulation destination possibilities. The kick editor also has a space for writing patch information, hit channel, key range etc. This helps when sharing presets or when your patches are getting a little complex you can make notes.

The CBW01 plug-in for Windows (VST) is free to registered Music-Society member (registration is free).

More information: Music-Society