MusicDevelopments RapidComposer

MusicDevelopments has announced the release of RapidComposer LE, a Light Edition of the rapid music prototyping software designed for composers, song-writers and musicians of all musical styles.

The new RapidComposer LE is aimed to serious hobbyist musicians and composers.

RapidComposer LE features

  • Core functionality: creating, editing, generating phrases, phrase and rhythm generators, variations…
  • VSTi 2.4 and soundfont (.SF2) support.
  • Sophisticated MIDI CC editing and recording.
  • Audio tracks.

MusicDevelopments has also released version 1.4 of RapidComposer.

The latest major update with fully customizable user interface, and rewritten VSTi plug-in handling that fixes all stability problems and made VSTi support rock solid! Other changes: improved loop playback and recording, tap tempo, fractional tempo can be specified for any structural unit, ASIO configuration improvements.

Changes in RapidComposer v1.4

  • New rhythm generator: Subdivision (great for percussion).
  • Customizable user interface (colors, button shapes, shading…) with preset themes.
  • Tempo can be overridden by any structural unit.
  • Fractional tempo allowed.
  • Tap Tempo.
  • Loop and range playback and recording improved.
  • Playback/recording tempo can be quarter/half/normal/twice/four times.
  • VSTi handling was rewritten, no plug-in crashes anymore.
  • ASIO driver settings (sample rate, latency) are not overridden by default.
  • ASIO configuration window can be opened.
  • Dozens of other small improvements and fixes.

RapidComposer LE for Windows PC is now available to purchase for $99 USD, RapidComposer is $295 USD.

More information: MusicDevelopments